Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wednesday HOdgepodge

1. What can the average citizen do to honor a military veteran and/or those currently serving?

Attend a parade to show your respect.  The 'younger generation' are so distant from wars-WWI, WWII, and the Vietnam War.  They do not know anyone who fought in these wars.  I think it is easier for 'the younger' generation to forget.  Attending a parade is a visual reminder of the sacrifice of those who died for our freedom.

2. Besides a flag what is something you own that is red, white and blue?

Clothing-shirt and a flag pin,

3. Does love really conquer all?

In my opinion..no.    No matter how much you love someone, bad 'stuff' can still happen to that person; love may help.

4. Strawberry shortcake or blueberry pie?
Strawberry shortcake-go easy on the whip cream!

5. Do you share personal stuff with your hairdresser?
No-unless I want everyone to know.  If you want to know anything just ask a hairdresser.  As the saying goes-only your hairdresser knows for sure.

6. Does money lead to selfishness?

Since I don't have money, I would say probably No.  I think money makes a person more self-sufficient and people would perceive a person with money as being selfish.

7. What piece of furniture in your home most needs replacing or refinishing?

The couch in  the den.  When hub and I purchased the house, we were told the couch was built in the den.  The only way to remove the couch is to tear it down.  Four years later, the couch is still there. 

8. Insert your own random here
Made reservations to Myrtle Beach!!


  1. I haven't been to Myrtle Beach in years. I used to love it there. My girls have been since they went to uni not too far away. Have fun!

  2. Can you believe that we lived in SC for 9 years, but my kids have never been to Myrtle Beach?!! We used to always go to Charleston or Hilton Head.

  3. Enjoyed reading your answers. Wow, sounds like a wonderful vacation is in the works. Hope your week is going well.


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