Monday, June 4, 2012


Yesterday was our church's  annual picnic.  Yes-tons and tons of food-cooked the ole fashion way-if you know what I mean.

The weather was perfect-for me- a  nice 72 degrees.  A little cool for the 'older' crowd. I enjoy sitting and watching the people and talking to people I usually don't talk to at church.  Let me explain-we have three services at my church.  One service begins at 8:30-you will be surprised at the younger folks who attend in the summer this service, a traditional service at 11:00 and a contemporary service at 11:00.  When I am not in children's church, I attend the contemporary service, so I miss speaking to people at the other services.  So the church picnic gives me a chance to sit and catch up on things. Besides when you wait to the end to eat-there is so much food still left!

The children play ball and.....a perfect Kodak moment I captured of grandson and friend looking at a butterfly..

After eating and playing ball, we all head down to the lake for a boat ride.

It is a beautiful lake.

The children spotted the playground and.....
the lake kinda of took second place.

Later that evening, hub and I were walking around our block-me to get rid of the stuffiness feeling, and hub so he said-he could eat again!  anyway I began to remember   the church picnics I attended  as a little girl.  The picnics were held right after church-yep the younger ones changed clothes, but my parents and grandparents still kept their 'church clothes' on.  The food was set out in the fellowship hall and I stood in line with my parents who helped me put the 'right amount' of food on my plate.  The children sat a table for 'children' only while the grown-ups had their own table.  The grown-ups washed the dishes when all was finished eating, and we would go outside to play either tag or kick the can.  That evening when the sun had gone down, it was time for homemade ice cream and watermelon under the stars.  What fun we had-no lake, no playground, but just plain ole fun! 
Time has changed some over the years.

Some things change ,but one thing that has stayed the same for me is the food at a church picnic-minus the homemade ice cream!

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  1. I have so many happy memories of our church picnics too. I remember once I was swinging next to a girl (she was actually an adult and too big for the swing) and she flew off and broke her nose. Oh it was quite exciting : )


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