Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Favortie Things

friday favorite things | finding joy

#1 daughter-I am so proud of your accomplishments.  You will finish your classwork today from Appalachian College of Pharmacy -better known as ACP and begin your rotations in a week.  So Proud!!-but moving your 'stuff' was not so good.

Cousins-- How can I thank these two wonderful cousins for helping hub and I move #1 daughter out of her apartment?  First, you guys gave found a baby sitter for your little man, gave up a Sunday afternoon, and didn't mind the hours driving and loading up furniture.  Thanks!

Second story...ugh!

Still smiling-after moving!

to my little man--3 year -old-grandson (my stepson's son)---I am a little exhausted this morning.  Going to Bible School with you this week has been a blast, but I don't remember being this tired with my two daughters when I went with them.  Is it because I am older now?   Praise The Lord for a great week-and tonight is the program.

Prayers please...We are going to the beach on Sunday and I have broken out with some type of rash.  Now taking Prednisone.  We haven't been to the beach in 10 years and yes taking grandson!!  I am so excited but want to get better!!



  1. Hope you get better soon. Rashes can be so mysterious!
    Your grandson is adorably cute!

  2. VBS is always exhausting!!

    Yay for the beach! We are heading there in at the end of the month! Taking my son and his little cousins. Should be fun to watch them enjoy it!

    Mary Beth

  3. Why is it that no one ever lives on the first floor? Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Hope your rash heals up and that you are able to enjoy your time at the beach.

    Our VBS starts next week, and I'll be working in the nursery.

  5. I hope you're having a wonderful time! And when it comes to daughters and moving there are ALWAYS stairs : )


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