Friday, June 22, 2012

Finally....A Family Vacation

We all know how hard it is to have a family vacation --with 'the family.'  It has been 8 years since 'the family' has been together on vacation.  Having two daughters in college-#1 daughter is now completing her Doctorate of Pharmacy and begins rotations on Monday and #2 daughter graduated from college a couple of weeks ago and she played college basketball-we just never had the chance to be together as a family.  So 'the family' got the chance this past week!

After a full week of Bible School-for 3 hours every night, we were ready for a vacation.

We took our grandson with us to Myrtle Beach-hey 4 adults can watch one 3 year old.

There is something about the ocean that is just so peaceful.  Stress and worries are lifted off our shoulders for a few days. capture this feeling in everyday life would be magnificent.

I enjoy reading-all the time -especially while at the beach/pool.  On the other hand, hub hunts for sharks' teeth. When the girls were little, he had them doing this. With both daughters grown I just assumed they would lay around the beach/pool and read with their Momma while hub took grandson to teach him how to look for sharks 'teeth.  Wrong......the girls still enjoyed looking for sharks' teeth as much as ever!

I must admit, I don't have an 'eye' for finding sharks' teeth.  However 'the family' found 14 in all!

Since searching for sharks' teeth can be backbreaking, tedious work-one must play in the sand for a little relaxation afterwards.

Grandson loved the ocean....

and the pool.....
especially when 'buddy'-that is what he calls hub- allows him to swim on his own
and the carnival....

and the fireworks.

Undeniably a superb family vacation.

Hub, #2 daughter, #1 daughter, and grandson.


  1. Looks like you all had a wonderful vacation (of course, I'm of the opinion that any vacation that involves a beach is wonderful!).

  2. So happy you were able to have that time together.


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