Monday, June 11, 2012

Another move-

Moving Day, Again

Daughter #1 will be coming home Friday to begin her rotations (all close to home) from Appalachian College of Pharmacy.  Right after church, we began the move.

The view from her apartment is beautiful.

Not so beautiful when one is carrying furniture-so my hubs says.

Living on the second floor-isn't always a good idea when  moving and maneuvering furniture.

After several trips up and down the steps-the mission was accomplished!

A big thanks to my two wonderful cousins who helped!

It will be nice having both daughters home for the summer for a change-even if one will be working.

Have a great week.


  1. Home and working is the best of both worlds : )

    1. Well-#1 daughter will be working for free! She will be on rotations and not getting paid but her tutition must still be paid! I jokingly say I have a daughter who works for free!

  2. Glad they are both nearby. Seems like moving our children is never ending! Beautiful view.


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