Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday School

Here lately, I have had some rough spots in the road.  This is part of life and
this dark cloud will pass.

I help teach 3-5 year olds in Sunday School.  The morning started rough. It started when one little boy came in crying for his mother and before you knew it; a couple more started crying. An older child, who was next door, came over to tell us we were too loud.  So....we began singing.  Soon the crying stopped and all we heard were sniffles and a few sobs.
The teacher began the lesson with asking if any child wanted to pray.  Not many wanted to-which was strange-because many do pray.  So she said a prayer.  She began the lesson and showed the craft they would be making.  All eyes were on the teacher.  The room was quiet-not even a whisper.
As she told the lesson, I looked at each child.  Their eyes were wide, their noses still running, a few sniffles here and there, but.....each one had  had a little melt down (some a huge
and was angry, but.....had gotten over it
and had moved on.   
Instantly, I thought to myself-how I should be like this.  Get over it
and move on. Don't let anger keep you from enjoying life.  When I am
frustrated, I will learn to seek out the areas in my life I can control and
learn to accept that the ultimate controller of my circumstance
is always watching out for me.  

The children loved making the craft.  They kept saying "I'm going to hang this on my Christmas tree."  No more tears;only laughter.  

My grandson's is hanging on our tree.

We cannot direct the 
wind but we can adjust the sail.
Have a wonderful week!

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