Sunday, December 18, 2011

A week from -----

It's that time of the year when one goes to one gathering after another, and eat
and eat, and aww...the feeling.
Now, don't get me wrong, but sometimes-I just want to relax with
friends, put my feet up, laugh, eat, and drink.  Of course, one may
spend the night if she chooses.

Have you ever had a week from ----?  This week was my week.  First of
\all, we are in school until December 20.  I did say December 20th!  Whew! Let
me recap my week.......
Monday was Parent-Teacher Conference Night-Yep-Monday. With
all the Christmas Festivities-we had Parent-Teacher Conferences.
Tuesday-I was proud of my accomplishments.  I had ordered
both daughters' birthday presents and relieved a sigh of
relief when I found out all presents would
arrive December 24.  Hippie---birthdays are December 26
and December 30. 
Wednesday we had professional development after school.

long day at school with much to do.  Gosh!  I needed to begin
wrapping gifts, some baking, and errands  to run.
Thursday---the Worse Day EVER!  I found out
the website I had purchased gifts from was a hoax.  

 OOPS!   After
many hours of talking on the phone and crying, I was
able to cancel my credit card.

  Both daughters
had to be notified (they have credit card number) and then
my husband.  I dreaded telling him!  Shew--  Gifts that
were previously ordered will not be here-since card cancelled.
Friday--phone call from a dear friend, who retired two
years ago.  She was having a 
'girls night out'.  After telling
her about my week, she said this would
be what I needed.  Right she was!  We all laughed,
talked, and ate till the wee hours of the morning.

Saturday I went to the mall searching for gifts.  Walking in and out
of stores searching for the perfect gifts, I purchased a  few items and
standing in the ever so long lines, I headed home.
Sunday afternoon, I sat down with daughters and hub and had a long, long discussion.  
Why do we get so upset when something does not go 
our way.  Yeah, I made a huge mistake ordering
from a website without checking it out, and I have
learned a lesson. But is this anyway to enjoy
Christmas-going around with a sour look on
our face because we will not get what we want
on Christmas Day.  Christmas is about celebrating
Christ's Birthday-not our wants and wishes.  
I reminded my family--If our greatest needs was presents and
money-God would have sent us an economist.  But since our greatest
need was forgiveness, "God Sent Us a Savior" by Roy Lessin.
On Christmas Day, hub (with some assistance) from me, will
cook breakfast and then we will all attend church.  Praising God on
His Birthday!

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