Monday, December 12, 2011

Town's Festivities

Our little town had a celebration down main street on Monday night.  This was the 'first' of this type of celebration.  I first heard about this from a friend and she said she would wait for me and begged me to come.  There was going to be train rides, marshmallow roasting, hot dogs cooking, tree lightning, manager scenes, and of course the man in the red suit--- I made plans to take grandson and enjoy the festivities.
Oh No, on my way to school this morning I forgot I had parent-teacher conference tonight.  Quickly I phoned hub and changed a little plans.  No big deal-a teacher can always think outside
the box and be flexible. Right?
Before long I was home and heard "Ma mow you ready to see Santa Claus?"  He was excited to go and so was I.  So we headed to town.  Since Nate was scared of Santa Claus last year, I coaxed him on this subject and how proud I was of him for wanting to see Santa.  The same conversation I had with daughters many years ago.

He loves Christmas trees and this was our first stop.

He was so excited he wouldn't eat any cookies;just roamed looking at all the Christmas trees.

Next stop was the reindeer.

Then off to stand in the long line to see Santa Claus.

At this point, I was holding my breath-would he cry or sit on Santa's lap.  You remember that moment with your own children;one never knew what was going through a child's mind.

With a bounce in his step, he walked right up to Santa and says, "Hi my name is Nate." 
He sat on Santa's lap!!  Santa asked what he wanted and his reply: "a robot and 
Christmas tree."  Chuckles from the crowd on his answer.

It took more prodding to get him to leave Santa than I ever thought.  This was complete opposite from last year.

Now off to ride the train.  "No" he said.  "I don't want to ride Mamow."  
"Why not?"   No reply, but I do believe he was scared.  So we headed home, which was
okay with me.  After a long day at school, I was ready to go
home myself.
Nate stayed with us tonight.  After bath and story time, it was time for bed and I began singing "Away in a Manager" to him.  I thought he was about to go to sleep and I began singing softly; he looked up at me and said "Mamow turn it up." :) I chuckled.

Our first little town's celebration was fun.  I am looking forward to attend the festivities next year and hopefully ride the train!

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