Friday, December 2, 2011

Lesson Leaned

I get very angry when I feel like one of my daughters is not treated fairly.  I know she will be 22 soon, but I still get so defensive.
Let me explain what has happened.  Daughter plays college basketball, which is more work (than fun) than one can imagine.  Workouts begin very early in the morning (have to work out before classes).  Later there is practice-sometimes late at night-again have to work around classes.  Next comes game time. On days/nights of away games, one can get home early the next morning-like 4 a.m.  I am truly amazed how she can keep her grades up.  She was on the All American Academic Team.!

Last night I was ashamed of my thoughts and words.  Daughter was playing basketball -nine hrs. away.  I was unable to go, but my faithful husband/dad went. I was able to watch the game on the computer.  
Boiling, furious, infuriated, outraged are just a few of the
emotions I was feeling.  Daughter didn't get in the game to play at all. Whoa--
she is a great player and what is going on.  My fingers started texting
hub, who doesn't text or wouldn't answer.  Now more emotions
overtook me, so I called.  Questions started coming and of course
hub had no answers.  With no answers, the more madder I became.
Our phone conversation ended abruptly, with a sarcastic tone from me.
Then, I thought of daughter.  Wonder how she felt.  She is a senior and
a captain on the team and she only sat on the playing
time at all.  She must feel awful.  More torture I endured.
I began watching Christmas movies---tear jerks---I needed  a good cry. So I cried till two in
the morning.  At four, the phone rang and daughter had made it back to her apartment.  Her voice was sad and I knew not to say much.  Only tell her I love her and to get some rest before her class in 3 hrs.
I talked to her later today......
Daughter mentioned that the bus driver was sad after the game.  Sad I said--I was mad-!!!!
Daughter informed me she had prayed with the bus driver.  You see, he was sad because he had
just learned his sister had passed away.  When the bus stopped for a short rest, she held  his hand and said a prayer with him.
Ashamed.....that is putting it mildly.  How could I have gotten so caught up the a basketball game?- How did
I let basketball turn me into such a bitter and  cold person.? 
So....I prayed--asking God for forgiveness. 
My precious, basketball daughter taught me a lesson last night. 

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