Saturday, July 16, 2011


The Hungry Mother Festival is this weekend.  This is a weekend full of crafts and is really enjoyable to go. There are many vendors from all over and the food is fantastic.  I try to go on
Friday to beat the crowd and take my time looking and then I go back on
Sunday to purchase what I want.  My thinking is the vendors
don't want to pack the crafts back up and I can
get a good deal!  The weather has always been extremely
hot but a breeze off of the water helps cool a little.  I keep Nathan on Friday so Charlie and I 
planned on taking him.
Thursday night I got out the sunscreen, his hat, and packed his diaper bag.

When I woke up Friday morning, it was drizzling rain.  I stepped outside to get the newspaper and gosh it was cold.  I thought well it will warm up later on. By 11 it hadn't gotten any warmer.  I dressed Nate in sweat pants, shirt, and a jacket-in mid July!!! and we were off.  It was much cooler at the festival.  As a matter of fact, the van temperature said 62.  I was freezing so I hurriedly walked through the festival to try and keep warm.  Instead of my usually frozen lemonade I was searching for coffee or hot chocolate.  Come to think of it, I have never seen coffee or hot chocolate at the festival. After a couple of hours, I told Charlie I think we should head out; I was freezing. 

I had to purchase a tractor.  Just look at that smile on his face-how
could I resist not buying him something!!!

I was glad to get back home and put on jeans, socks, and tennis shoes.  I laughed when I was unpacking the sunscreen--what was I thinking????????

#1 daughter came home to attend a drug class by.  This was a good
idea on her part. She still had to get up at 5 and leave at 6 but this 
was better than getting up at 3 and leaving her apartment at 4.  
Now she is driving my car until we can get her VW  fixed. Oh not
my convertible VW (that's another story for later on). Now #1 daughter has
a good head on her shoulders but sometimes we have to help her
make a decision on some things--especially when it comes
to traveling to see boyfriend 280 miles!!!!  Yep, this was
our discussion later on that evening.  Charlie and I didn't think it was
such a good idea for her to be traveling that far after getting up at 5 and sitting
in a class from 7-12:30.  She didn't agree with a long discussion followed.
Dating has changed a lot-what happened to boys going the 
Enough said on this topic....

The night was getting cooler...and a fire makes us happy....and helps to ease the

that's what we did.
Daughter #1 decided to join us--

this made her dad and I happy.  Maybe she will think about our discussion and how we felt about 
the traveling discussion.  She seemed okay but.....I know she was sad...and this made us sad.....and we
were only saying what we thought was in her best interest.  

After the fire had gone out, I said to Charlie wasn't parenthood much easier when the girls were younger.  I knew where my girls were at all times and I didn't have to worry so much about their feelings (with boyfriends) or their safety on the road.  The girls would be tucked in bed sound asleep...but now they are probably texting their boyfriends and saying what ole fashion parents they had and how we are over protective of a 23 and 21 yr old girls.  

Not only did the day begin on a dreay note; it ended on one as well. 

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