Monday, July 11, 2011

Another Project

What shall I do today?????

Windows/Blinds desperately need cleaning.  DONE--well decided to call it quits after tackling three rooms.  Plus doing laundry.

Last Friday, I decided that I wanted new stepping stones out front.  So hub and I went looking and I found some I like-thinking we could wait till early fall and begin.

Started this heat.  I mean it is only in the high 90's with a heat index of 100/105!!!  When I last heard, the weatherman said avoid being outside today and stay in as much as possible.
Originally there were 22 small stepping stones so we figured on about 11 bigger ones.
Hot, hot, hot!!!!!  Drink, drink, drink!!!
Okay, enough is enough--STOP!!!!
After three stepping stones were laid, Quit!!!!
The truck can stay in the front yard until morning or yet another day!!!   I need a shower and a drink.  Wait--weatherman also said avoid alcoholic  beverages--Well, a shower and a drink is what I need.

The stepping stones will just have to wait!!!!!

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