Monday, July 25, 2011

Rainy Days and Mondays

Began raining in the wee hours of the morning---not very heavy rain or thunderstorms just rain.  I had planned on working in my flowerbed and washing the siding at the back of the house.  I really needed to get these done today, because my week is full and I will be leaving Sunday and today was the day I had to fit these into my schedule.  But the rain stopped me.  Now I know what you're thinking-I could was the siding at the back-since I usually get soaked when doing this anyway-but the deck gets too slippery when wet--so...I decided to eat a snack.  The only problem now--no snack but I can fix that a quick trip to the store.  Charlie and I went to the store and........
Daughter #2 called in a panic.  She had gotten out of class and couldn't get back to her condo because the road was closed due to raising water.  Hub told her to go through town.  Few minutes later, she called back.  She couldn't go through main street-road closed due to water.  Now- she is according to her starving. She thinks she might try and find another way around to park her truck and try and walk.  No-I am saying to Charlie-that might be too dangerous.  Again Charlie tells her to drive back to campus and go to the cafeteria.  Few minutes pass by and she calls cafeteria is closed.  Now she begins yelling in the phone and I can tell Charlie is getting upset, so I say tell her to figure it out-call some of her basketball friends and see where they are.  More yells--some of her friends have went to the beach.  Well, just sit for awhile and see if the water will recede. Twenty minutes later another phone call-she has tried to make it again to her condo.  She sees a TV crew and I tell her to wave and smile.  This wasn't what she wanted to hear.  You have to make lite  of a situation, right??  She sees construction road crew.  The road is no longer there!!!  It has been partially washed away!!!  She is again saying she is starving and she wants to eat--NOW!!!  No clue when road will be fixed.  I tell Charlie to tell her, this want last long-many people live in the condo units and.....everyone is in the same boat now.  Just drive back to campus and .....she doesn't want to go back to campus...she is furious with professor because other classes let out earlier due to the heavy rain; but he kept his class the entire time and if he had let them out earlier she would be back at her condo.  My response--what does that have to do with anything???
So that is where conversation ended.  Just figure something out-Emily!!!
Before all this happened...I get a text from Verizon.
Daughter #1 had trouble with her phone so she went to the store and got a replacement.  No time to switch everything -contact info. and etc. over.  Text from Verizon-if we don't receive old phone you will be charged $500.00.  It didn't take me long to text #1 daughter and tell her to call me as soon as possible.  In the conversation she has had the new phone for three weeks, let me repeat that three weeks and still hasn't transferred her information over.  She was told to get everything done and fed ex the old phone by Wednesday or else.......
I just can't believe -I would say kids-but mine are young adults today!!!  We have made life too easy for them.  They have difficulty handling a situation....and they call like-jump in car and come over-I am starving.  I say go to a gas station and grab a pack of crackers and something to drink--You are not starving. And wait three weeks to update your new phone which you haven't been using.  My thought on this.. did your phone need replacing because if it needed replacing,  I sure the heck would have not waited three weeks.
I guess the rain was a blessing in disguise because I would not had gotten my flowerbed taken care of or the siding at the back of the house washed-with all this DRAMA!!!!!
Girls do see to have a lot of Drama--don't they?

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