Sunday, June 30, 2013

Some happenings....

I have neglected writing for a while.  Not that I have meant to, but other things have kept me busy.

First-our little business is coming along.  Three months ago this is what it looked like....

Now it is beginning to take on our character....

Walls are all wood
Siding has been replaced, furniture has been built, and chairs have been refurnished.  Yeah!!!  Plans on to open by August/September.  Just in time for school--like I need something else during this time.

Week of June 18 was a full week of Bible School.  We had over 100 children each night.  A true blessing.
Me and 'little man' had 19 children in his age group (3/4 year olds)

This week I have had dental and doctor appointments.  I will not schedule dental and doctor appointments in the same week, that is if I can help it ever!

I have also kept 'little man' some and whew--I have been losing track of time.  I have forgotten how hard it is to clean when a 4 year old is around and trying to juggle everything else that is going on.

Saturday we drove into Boone, North Carolina.  Hub wanted to see the pharmacy and daughter and I wanted to do some shopping.  I absolutely the love country store-of course the first floor is an eye opener-I have never seen so much candy!!!  I picked up a couple of items and $13.00 worth of candy that is after buying a pound of fudge!!  Sugar Shock!!  We ran into some ole friends that use to go to church with us and had a nice long chit chat, saw a friend from school, and ate a nice lunch.  The day was profitable.

Sunday we decided to drive down to the lake.  

Really surprised not to see many enjoying the lake on a gorgeous afternoon.  Hub drove over the dam-now I don't do well with heights....

so I tried taking pictures to get my mind off of the drive.  Of course, hub was saying look how beautiful and I kept reminding him to keep his eyes on the road or else I would drive!!

These are just a few happenings in my life right now.  Looking forward to some R & R time soon!!


  1. The lake is beautiful! Which one is that? Your business venture sounds like fun-hope its a great success! Will I see you in July?

    1. As of right now, I don't know-so much to do. I would love to see all again!!


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