Wednesday, June 19, 2013

30-Day Challenge


I miss seeing my parents at a young age and I miss so many 'things' I did as a kid.

My father passed away at a very young age-47 to be exact.  I miss so many things/talks we shared.

Today so many children do not know how to communicate or even play.  There were so many games I played as a kid that did not require any type of technology--examples_  Kick the Can, Dodge Ball, Red Light Green Light, Mother May I, Red Rover-.  Today as I watch children play-they don't know how.

I also missing actually communicating with a person-not texting or listening to a pre-recorded message.

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  1. Oh, I played all those games too and we teach the cousins to play them when they're all together. So much fun! YES! I am so tired of texting...I know it has a good purpose, but I am so tired of walking into a room and seeing everyone with their heads in their phones. There's nothing that beats face to face or voice to voice.


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