Sunday, July 7, 2013

Weekend Rewind...

Weekend Rewind....

I am not a complainer but the rainy weather is getting the best of me.  It has rained and I mean torrential rain not just a little shower all spring and now all summer.  We have 13+ above our normal rain fall so far.  Grandson asked me on Friday, "Mamow is it ever going to quit raining"?

Speaking of Friday, hub and I went to get some pizza and bring it back home for daughters and their friends.  I have been hooked on Bella's steak pizza

When we came in the house, daughter was yelling for us to look out the door.
A skunk!!  I quickly closed the door.  We all ate our pizza and didn't see the skunk anymore...until,,,
Later that night, we were all sitting outside.  I was sitting on the bottom step listening to the Tams.  I love this group and hub says to me, honey there is a skunk at your foot.  I froze and then slowly crawled in the house.  Daughters ran in the house while one of their friends jumped and ran around the house-yep skunk starting chasing him.  I live in town-no wild life around anywhere so where did the skunk come from?  When we all had calmed down, I remembered I had left my glass of wine on the steps.  Did I venture out to get it-I grabbed a flashlight and turned on the lights and ventured out to the porch.  No sign of the skunk-whew!  I needed a glass of wine now to calm my nerves!!

The Tams is a group I love to listen to. Saturday the group was close by and hub and I went.

We were't able to stay for the entire concert-Thunderstorms rolled in :(
and when we got home....
our visitor was waiting for us, again!! I am calling animal control first thing in the morning.

Today, raining again-so I am wishing I was somewhere else...

Stay dry if you live close by to my small world  town!  Have a great week and enjoy life.


  1. I'm sooo over the rain. LOVE the Tams, too. Wonder if the skunk's home got flooded out and he was looking for someplace to dry out? At first I thought he got into your house...not good! I'm surprised he didn't spray, but I know you're glad! : )

  2. The Tams! Love it-how fun! Skunks can also carry rabies so use caution. Our previous dog was sprayed once-our vet advised bathing her first in dish soap to cut the oil, then tomato juice. I guess it helped, but it still took about a week for the smell to go completely away.


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