Friday, November 25, 2011


Our Thanksgiving Holiday started with a road trip on Tuesday to Lynchburg to watch Emily play basketball.  My principal allowed me to leave school early. I jumped out of my vehicle into my husband's vehicle and we were off.  It was a three and one-half hour drive.  The drive to Lynchburg was horrid.  We were driving in a cloud, honestly-that was how foggy it was.  Thankfully, we made it.
I headed straight to the restroom and then off to hunt me a cup of coffee.  After being at school all day and riding in the foggy weather, I needed a perk me up.
Much to my dismay--no coffee.  They had closed for the holiday.  Oh yeah-that's right.
I made it through the game-no coffee but hey when you're watching your daughter play ball-who needs a cup of coffee to get all psyched up?
Game over and boy did Emily and her team take a dog beating.  The coach was allowing the girls to ride back home with their parents since it was a holiday.  So Charlie and I waited on Emily to shower and come out of the locker room.  
When Emily finally came out, I knew something was wrong.  She had been crying.  Huh?  What was going on?  My first thought-Emily had really taking a chewing from the coach.  I was wrong-which I wish I was right on this one.  One of the players Mother had been killed in a car accident on the way to the game.  How heartbroken and heart sick I felt.  What could I say to the player in a time like this?  So many thoughts were coming to me. I can't even imagine what this girl was feeling.  That could have been us with the weather so foggy.  Then Emily said-what I was thinking.  I asked you all to come to the game so I could ride back home.  Breakdown.....and inconsolable at this point.
Finally we were able to make it to our vehicle for the drive back home.  Emily just wanted to lay in the back seat-she was grief-stricken.  As a mom, I just let her be for awhile.  She will talk when she is ready on her terms and not mine. 
The weather was even worse than before.  Not only was it foggy, the rain and wind was horrifying.  Charlie didn't drive faster than 45 on the interstate.  I was so thankful when we arrived home.

On Thanksgiving Day we deliver food to those less fortunate.  We meet at the church at 8:30 and begin.
It was a beautiful, sunny day.
Each family receives a hot meal and a cold meal.
We loaded our trays on the table.
Then began loading the van.  
We have delivered meals for many years and it is part of our tradition.  What a humbling experience this is. After all meals have been delivered, we meet back at the church for our dinner.  This is such a great time of fellowship.
Then we head home....
Since I am not the cook in my family, I had planned on having chicken for dinner.  Yeah-chicken for Thanksgiving Dinner.  But my daughters thought this was unheard of---so I had called Cracker Barrel earlier in the week and they were preparing dinner--except for the dessert.  Daughters-who don't get their cooking skills from me got out the cookbooks and begin preparing the dessert.
Emily began preparing pumpkin cake and cupcakes.
Amanda began preparing the icing.
Not bad for two girls who have a mother with no cooking skills.
My job---preparing the table.....while I sent Charlie to get the food.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  
I can't help thinking about the player who lost her mother.  One never knows what is going to happen.  So one should cherish each moment.  
We had to take Emily back to school today because she has a basketball game tomorrow.  I pray for safe travels as all parents travel to watch his/her daughter/son play sports.
God Bless..

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