Sunday, November 13, 2011

Coaching...Traits I have witnessed.

With the true scandal at Penn State, I feel an urge to vent.
First, I was a cheerleading coach at a high school for 7 years.  As a coach of any sport, one does give a lot of time devoted to coaching, and one does become frustrated at players.  My daughters would ride the bus to many games with me, sit in the stands (and sometimes out in the very cold weather), and wait (sometimes over an hour) for parents to pick up their daughter after returning to school on the bus.  For me, I enjoyed coaching cheerleaders and didn't want  to quit.  My youngest daughter became involved in basketball and as a mom family came first.  So, I quit coaching to become a basketball mom.  Never a moment or regret.

Daughter #2, Emily, is a senior in college.  This is her fourth year playing college basketball, and her fourth coach!  Yeah-I said her fourth coach.  Her first coach was a woman.  Emily played well as a freshmen and, I was very proud.  The coach became pregnant and decided to first.  :)   Her second coach came from Florida.  He was short, loud, and a disciplinarian.   Some traits the girls weren't used to.  The girls had a great season.  Placed second in the conference and began to really buy into what he was teaching them.  Unfortunately, he left that summer.  The reason for his leaving-the weather was too cold and snowy in Wise.  Duh-coming from Florida-what did he think?  The team was thwarted.  Here it was summer and no coach.  The assistant coach became head coach.  Coach #3  -third year.  It was difficult going from empathetic to controlling for him.  His contract was not renewed.  Hence, we have coach #4  in 4 years.  She is from South Dakota.  She is very intimidating and insensitive.  She did tell the seniors she wanted to make this a great year for them considering the roller coaster of coaches they have had.  Yeah :)  With this comment, I thought what a great year it will be for Daughter #2.
Wrong---I do not agree with a lot of her character traits.  First, is the language.  Let me admit, I am not a saint by no means, but there are some words I can't stand to hear and my daughter feels the same way.  Second, maybe this is the teacher in me, but never should you maliciously, humiliate a player during the game.  If a coach feels compelled to say something-take it to the locker room.  Thirdly, don't push your belief or make fun of someone because they believe differently from you.  How can you have faith in the players, if you don't have faith in God?
All athletes are not unintelligent, vicious, headstrong people.  Athletes are humans no matter what sport they play and should be treated as such.
One rule I have had with my daughters is-you aren't allowed to quit when you have started something.  You must finish out the year and then quit.  Daughter #2 has played 5 games so far.....  Right now.she is doing some serious thinking and praying about this situation.  My advice to her-Take your anxieties and troubles to God and ask him to guide you along the way.  What decision she makes -she will have my blessing.
Life is too short for coaches to show this type of behavior.
I am not a vile person, but this coach will hear from me.  If you don't have some compassion about you, then please do not be coaching our young people.

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