Sunday, January 12, 2014

Weekend Rewind

January, the month to relax.

As I began writing my blog, I thought gosh, this weekend was not exciting, not much happening.  My mind told me to relax and enjoy the nothingness.  For those who know me, this is VERY HARD for me to do.  

Is January the month to relax?  There isn't much going on in January when it comes to celebrations.  Is January, the month to really slow down after the holidays?  

I did see some friends Friday night-Ladies Night as we have come to call it.  Enjoyed all the fellowship and food.  

Tonight, after Sunday evening church services, we opened up the coffee shop for fellowship

This was the gest of my weekend. Heck, the weather hasn't even been exciting!!!

 Martin Luther King's Day is January 20th-. The day commemorates the man who fought ceaselessly against the segregation of the African-Americans and promoted peace and preservation of life in the process. Mr King was pivotal in the fight against racial segregation and has inspired countless civil rights activists are alive today.

Hope all have a great week.

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