Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. It was decided on Sunday the Denver Broncos will meet the Seattle Seahawks in this year's  Superbowl. So when was the last time you bowled? Not where you thought this question was going is it?  Do you like to bowl? Are you any good? 

Went bowling many years ago before having children.  Bowling is okay.  I remember pretty good at it, that is after I picked out my bowling ball, which seem to have taken me forever to do.

2.   Should sports stars be role models? 

Depends on the sports star.  For some sport stars, absolutely NOT, and then for others absolutely YES!

3. January is National Oatmeal month...are you a fan? How do you like your oats?

Becoming a fan of oatmeal.  Grandson loves oatmeal-me I skip breakfast and I know this is very wrong.  A couple of months ago my cholestrol was not very good and I was told to eat oatmeal to lower it-so I have been trying-(the key word is trying) to eat a little oatmeal.  The fruit-is my favorite.

4. What is one book on your reading list for 2014?

The Children by David Halberstam

5. What would you like your future self to say to your present self?

Quit worrying so much about situations you can not control.

6. When scrolling through the TV guide, what is one movie title that makes you want to stop, grab the popcorn, and watch for a while?

None -now I would love to go and watch the movie-August:Osage County

7. What are two style trends you hope never come back into fashion?

The only thing that comes to my mind is the big hair styles.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Waiting on the snow--schools were closed on Tuesday-which makes day 5 for us to make-up and the snow didn't come till around 5.  Very cold this morning and our county is closed today.


  1. That's a lot of snow days to make up! We have almost 10 inches on the ground, frigid temps, but are on a 90 minute delay. They do a great job with the roads here, which I know is not the case as you travel south. Stay warm!

  2. Making up snow days is never fun! Here is GA., they shut the schools down if a single snowflake falls to the ground.

  3. Good advice for #5. We are in school 30 minutes extra every day, which amounts to 11 snow days before we have to start making them up. If we don't use all of the days, the kids are none the wiser! :)

  4. my cardiologist and his nutritionist in his office both told me oatmeal is good for lowering the bad, I eat it, cook with it [instead of bread crumbs, for instance, in meatloaf fillers, I use oatmeal]

    I guess it can work in lowering the cholesterol, but other things in the diet can work against eating oatmeal. Who knows.

  5. My hubby eats oatmeal for his cholesterol however I can't stand it. I eat cream of wheat for the iron instead.

  6. It does take a long time to pick out a bowling ball, now that you mention it. We got lots of snow here and are enjoying a snow day :) Stay warm.

  7. Its been a rough winter here too...
    Oh, the hair styles over the years :)

  8. Me too on the oatmeal, I had to start eating it last year and most days I will put it in a smoothie. Good advice....I think we should pray and know that God is in control.


Wednesday Hodgepodge

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