Sunday, January 6, 2013

Weekend Rewind.,,,

Weekend Rewind..

A cloudy, rainy Sunday here in my part of the world.  I would like to see some snow, but not just yet because I would love to finish this semester of school before missing any snow days.

A quiet weekend for me.
Hub and I went out for pizza on Friday.   However, when we arrived at the pizza place, both of us ended up ordering sub sandwiches instead.  Go figure! 
On Saturday we traveled to Roanoke to watch #2daughter's boyfriend play basketball.  Enjoyed the ride and the basketball game.

Not meaning to arise much curiosity, but hub and I have taken a big risk-but I like to refer to it as an adventure.   We haven't told many people about it -well, because of the reaction from some people and just trying to keep a secret.  Me-I am feeling a little nervous about the whole thing, but also excited-does this make sense?  Soon a post will follow and I will let all know about this.  As for now, I need to quit rambling....right?

I made it through the first of many Wee Worship (3 & 4 year olds).  Now, I only have, lets see 51 more Sundays to go.  Whew!  Any suggesstions for games, crafts, websites for me to use would be greatly appreciated.

Have a great week! and Enjoy Life


  1. Curiosity is aroused nonetheless : ) Hope you can spill the beans soon!

  2. I agree with Joyce....very curious! How nice of you to give your time to the Wee Worship.


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