Thursday, January 17, 2013

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Row, Row, Row your boat,
gently down the road,
merrily, merrily,merrily, 
down my street.

With all the rain we are having, I feel like this is what I will need in a few minutes.  We have already had 9 inches or rain according to my neighbor across the street.  Schools were closed yesterday and today due to flooding.  Temperatures are expected to drop and the rain change to snow.  I can deal with the snow better than the rain.  After a few rainy days, I begin to feel gloomy.  Anxious to see some snow-I would love to 'play in the snow' for a few hours.

So far, and I repeat, So far-I have been very lucky.  Many of my friends have water in their basement and their roads are flooded.  I have been lucky not having any of these hardships and very thankful.

Since I didn't have school yesterday, I went to Lynchburg with #2 daughter.  She has been accepted into Lynchburg College Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program.  She was so excited and very impressed with the college's program.  She also has an interview with another college on Feb. 1st.  Then the choice will be up to her to make which college she wants.

We did have a beautiful weekend prior to all the rain we are experiencing now. Temperatures were in the 70's; such a gorgeous weekend.

We took grandson to the park.

Hub enjoyed reminiscing about what all he did growing up close to this same river.

I kept saying how it felt so strange being in the 70's in the middle of January.  The trees with no leaves just didn't look 'right'.   Truly thinking of getting ready to mow the lawn if this type of weather kept it.
Little did I know the change that was going to take place.

From rain/flooding

to ice

to snow..

All of this type of weather happened today.
The calendar does say January, right?


  1. Congrats to your daughter for acceptance into Physical Therapy school. I know they are very hard to get into so kudos to her for not one, but two choices.

  2. It changed from rain to snow in a minute...literally.

    1. It sure did here! Now there is 6 inches of snow on the ground.

  3. So happy for your daughter! Lynchburg is a nice school. Congrats!


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