Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday Hodgepodge

Join the fun!

1. A new Miss America was crowned on Saturday night-did you watch? If you were a contestant what would your talent be?

On a road trip Saturday so I missed the pageant. :( I enjoy watching Miss America. 
My talent would have to be something related to music.  I can't sing a lick, but I enjoy music probably something like 'Name That Tune' or 'Guess the Lyrics.'

2. Do you have houseplants? Real or fake?

Not a green thumb person-no real houseplants.  I do have fake ones on the back porch.

3. When you were in school did you speak up or were you more of the hide your face, avoid eye contact, and pray the teacher didn't call on you type of student?

 In school, I was the quite person and always did what I was told.  In other words, 'a doormat.'  That has now changed-I wonder if it has to do with age.

4. Next Monday marks the Chinese New Year...what do you order when someone suggests Chinese food?

I like some Chinese food-but not one of my favorties.

5. How would you define a miracle? What would it take for you to consider something a miracle?

An extraordinary event that can't be explained-=  Oldest daughter has had two open heart surgeries.  The first one at UVA and the second one at Boston's Children Hospital.  The surgeon at Boston couldn't believe she lived through her first surgery (said she should have died) and was not too hopeful for this surgery; he said he "needed a lot of help from the man above." I remember those words like it was yesterday!  Oldest daughter is now in her second year of pharmacy school. Miracle-yes!!!
Another miracle---Even though my hub was diagnosed with colon cancer-it was caught in the early stages.  He only went for a colonoscopy because of a promise he had made to his dad.  Miracle-Yes!!  He goes for another colonoscopy Tuesday-January 24-asking for a special prayer.
Both of these
God does perform miracles everyday.

6. What's your favorite Disney song? If you're stuck you'll find a list here.
Hercules--"Go the Distance"

7. I should have _____________ yesterday.
Hmmmm....can't think what I should have done-I know I should have done something!

8. Insert your own random thought here.
I am ready for some cooler weather.  Temperatures are in the 50's tonight, tomorrow in the 40's and will be reaching the high 60's/low 70's by Saturday.  It sure doesn't feel like winter in 'my neck of the woods.'

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