Saturday, May 14, 2011

Quiet Moments

Not much going on right now.  Daughters are home from college...well Daughter #1 is doing a rotation at a mental institution and she really doesn't like it, but I told her it won't last forever. She has also been on a drug ward and this has scared her to some extent.

Took my step-grandson to a birthday party today.  Gosh I tthought I had a few years to rest before starting this phase of life again. Now thinking -about taking him-grandson to see Thomas the Train-What am I thinking?????

Still have 5 weeks left of school and our dreaded state testing starts next week.  Ugh!!!!  The paperwork keeps piling up and I keep looking at it.  It is now time for me to quit waiting on a magic wand and do it but I keep putting it off!!!!

Weather is killing me---It has been in the low 80's this week and next week will struggle to reach the 60's. No wonder we all have the sniffles and feel so blah.

I kinda of enjoy some quiet moments---step-grandson is asleep and now hear my husband snoring!!!!!!! Earlier I told him to listen and he said listen to what?  I kept saying  listen-- he replied "I don't hear anything."  Which I replied, "Exactly."  Kinda nice for a change huh?  Then he fell asleep.

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