Sunday, May 15, 2011


Yesterday I took my step-grandson to my cousins's (Dawson) birthday party.  Dawson's mother is my aunt's daughter.  My aunt is only one year older than me, so I have not really considered her an aunt, more like a sister.  Her daughter's name is Amy.  Amy mentioned to me she reads my blog but has not read anything I have written about her.  So....this is to you Amy.

Amy would babysit my daughters when they were younger.  She loved to play in the sandbox with them.  However, there was one time when she accidentally let daughter #2 fall off of a car.  Remember that, Amy? I only found this out recenty....hum wonder why?  Now that my daughters are older she still does little favors for them.......One time she decided to play match maker for daughter #1---that was a disaster!!!!  Whew---Daughter #1 was the drum major for her high school band and Amy was there cheering her on.  Her and hubs drove 3 hrs. to watch daughter #2 play basketball and she even made identical shirts for her and hubs to wear!!!!!  True supporters for my daughters!!!!!

Amy has grown into a fine woman.  She is married and has two well-mannered young boys. Her oldest son is in the first grade and her second son just turned two. 
Nick and Dawson
Amy is a third grade teacher and was selected as Teacher of the Year!!!!  Yea!!!!!
Her students are the apple of her eye!!!! 
Amy with Dawson.
Amy with my daughters!!!!

So this is Amy--the one and only.  Thanks for all you do for our family!!!!

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