Sunday, May 8, 2011


Yesterday was my niece's college graduation.  I am so proud of her.  Her mother walked out on her and my brother when she was in the 7th grade; a time when daughters really need their mothers.  She never gave up her dream of being a nurse!!!  She had a rough road and made it through.  Just because you grow up on the wrong side of the tracks doesn't mean you have to stay there. 

My brother and I with Josie
My husband was teary eyed.  I don't know if I have written about this or not but......My husband's son (Todd) was not married and had a child (son--Nathan).  Last year Nathan's mom lost custody of Nathan.  My husband and I really, really, really help Todd with Nathan and he is a joy to have around. I didn't realize my husband was crying, but he said he thought of how Nathan's mom never comes around to see him. Well, she hasn't seen Nathan since December.  Now Nathan is only 2 years old and I can't imagine what he thinks, but as for me there is no way I couldn't see my child!!!!  I tried explaining that maybe one day Nathan's mom will wake up and realize what she has given up. And if not, just like how Josie has made it with support.

My husband (Charlie) and Josie
 It was an exciting and wonderful day!!!!

Dauhter #2 and Josie
After graduation we headed out to Red Lobster and back to her apartment.  She is a little stressed out-going to study for the state boards and has to move by the end of this week.  She will be living in Johnson City and has a job at Johnson City Hospital!!!!!  So Proud!!!!!

Later that night, we decided to build a fire in our fireplace out back and fix smores. It was a perfect cool night for this.

Yum!!  Yum!!
I had a great Mother's Day!!!  I got jewelry (charms for my Pandora Bracelet) necklace and earrings, and flowers from Nathan. 
My husband grilled out chicken and corn-no problem!!!  He loves to cook and this was perfect!!
Hope everyone has a great week!!!
Until next time......Enjoy Life!!!!!

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