Thursday, March 3, 2011

So when you have a G-R-E-A-T at work
what happens at home?
Getting home early from school-
I consider anytime before 5 early
for me- I sat outside
and basted in the warm
sunshine.  The sun felt
awesome on my face and
I was feeling pretty good.
Daughter #1 tried to get
in her appointments (you all know
how you try to get in all
doctor appointments when
home).  So first stop
was eye doctor and
of course new prescriptions
and a cost of $450 !!!
Now off to get a new hairstyle--which I think made her
look very professional.

Don't you??????

Well, being in a good mood, I thought why don't we go
out for dinner....I wanted Mexican food
but no one else I ended up cooking dinner.
Now the night is winding down and my feeling of being
in a good mood has ended and I keep thinking
where has the mood gone......

Ring, ring, ring--daughter #2 calling
spring break starts for her tomorrow
I hear--"Mom I need doctor appointment scheduled, and
by the way a new hair cut with highlights." I go again---

I know I need to enjoy this....but sometimes I honestly
believe it was easier and less expensive when the
loves of my life were younger.


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