Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Obstacles keep getting in the way!!
A couple of weeks ago, I made a promise with myself
to really watch my tongue.  In order to watch my tongue
I had to watch my thoughts.  I have a very loose tongue-something I am not proud of. When I
become angry, I say swear words that I regret later on.  So I had decided to
watch my tongue.  Harder than I imagine.  Now I don't use the harsh
words, but is one word harsher than the others?
Watch my tongue!!!

The week started off rough!!!!  Everytime I tried to get ahead, something
came up-too many meetings, interruptions, etc.
So, my thoughts started racing and my tongue lashed out!!!!  Regret later on and
sigh-nothing much accomplished.  I have now (just now thought of) is to take a deep
breath and breathe, breathe, breathe, before I say a word!!!!  Patience is the key to
stop swearing so much.
I was doing pretty good until.......
this morning and when I walked in to work...yep
it started-to many things to get done and only me
to do it so........

I thought and thought and the words came out-Some people cry, but
I swear to myself-under my breath.  Now I will breathe because
I am still working on this and
I will succeed!!!!!!!

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