Tuesday, March 22, 2011

1. Sunday was the first day of spring. So they say. Ahem.

What is your favorite outdoor springtime activity?
Two favorite activities: I love to sit in the sun with a good book and a good drink.  When I get too hot, (which happens more often now) I move to a shade and continue reading and drinking.  Second outdoor activity, is a spur of the moment thrown together cookout and then a game of volleyball played with a beach ball or my grandson's toy ball.  Let's have a cookout and play volleyball right now!!!

2. Who would you want to come into your kitchen to cook dinner for you?
Since I am known for not being a chef in my house, I really don't care who cooks.  I will clean the entire kitchen if you will cook.  Is that a deal?

3. When did you last fly a kite?
Many "moons" ago.  My girls were still in elementary school and I remember going to buy kites -the latest styles of course, and having fun.  Come to think of it, even when they got older and our trips to the beach, we didn't fly kites.  By this time, the girls were in to sun bathing and boy watching!

4. What topic puts you to sleep faster than anything?
Topic-hummmm....how about a TV program?  A TV program/show that puts me to sleep is watching baseball or golf. 

5. Which flowers do you associate with specific people, places, or events?
Event--the flowers would have to be daffodils.  When I see daffodils blooming, I think of spring.  Sorry Joyce you haven't experienced spring yet!  Roses and daisies remind me of weddings.  Carnations remind me of a cemetery.  I once thought carnations were referred to as "flowers of the dead."  Don't quite know if that is true...just saying that's what I thought.  I love fresh flowers in my house.  Even in the dread, dark days of winter, flowers can bring sunshine to a room. 

6. What significant historical events took place during your elementary school days?
I remember protests against the Vietnam War.  Seeing what I use to refer to as "hippies" standing on the street carrying protests signs.  The two biggest events I remember are the assassinations of Dr. Martin Luther King and Robert F. Kennedy.  As a matter of fact, my dear aunt and I clipped out news articles for a scrap book.  I still have the scrapbooks.

7. Do you swear? Do you pseudo-swear? (You know crap, shoot, friggin'?)
Swearing-something I am not proud of-ashamed of is more like it.  My loose tongue gets the best of me in certain situations.  A couple of weeks ago, I made a promise to myself to control my thoughts-this way I can control my tongue.  I bought a magnet, which is on the refrigerator that says "God keep your arm around my shoulder and your hand over my mouth."  Every morning I repeat this saying as I walk out the door.  Think before your blurt out words, Tammy!!!!  As for pseudo-swear-Nope not me.

8. Insert your own random thought here
Loving this spring time weather-not too hot nor too cold.  Perfect temperatures:  75 degrees!!!  Woohoo!!!On a sadder note a a dear, dear teacher friend, who retired last year, left this week to live in Florida. Now that I have reached a year over the half century mark, it seems my close friends are venturing out and I am left behind. I truly miss her, but am happy for her at the same time.  I try to look on the bright side-now I have a reason to go to Florida. 
Hope all have a good week and a fabulous weekend!!!!!  Until then......Enjoy Life!


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