Thursday, March 10, 2011

Have you ever tried to get ahead of the game only to learn you forgot?? 

Let me explain myself.  March and April are busy months for special education teachers.  A ton of paperwork is required by the first of May.  So not only do I have a ton of paperwork to do, I also teach 5 inclusion classes-which requires preparing for lessons and grading papers.
More paperwork!!!
Today, I decided to get a jump start and begin.  After getting home from school, I explained to my husband I had a lot of work to start on.  No big deal-we will have sandwiches for dinner!!  That was fine with me.  I began grading papers before dinner.  Now that this was finished, I started dinner-fast, quick dinner.  After dinner, I headed back to my desk to begin.  I felt pretty good about myself-getting a head start on the work-and why not??? it was raining outside so no better night to begin.  I sat down and began on the first section-wrote two paragraphs and then began looking for other test scores--hmmm which pile are they in??? I searched my first book bag, not there-so I looked in the other book bag not there-so I did what we all should do---took a break and had a cup of McDonald's tea.  I figured I would need the caffeine boast later on.
Kept searching and searching and searching and.....
all at once I remembered!!!!!

I had left the important scores on my desk at school!!!! So much on my plan of getting a head start.  Right?? But now that I have had my tea-the night is still young!!!! VERY YOUNG for me.
I think I will finish the book I am reading and then who knows...Maybe do a little house cleaning....No not really!!

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