Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Wednesday Hodgepodge


From this Side of the Pond

1. Do you feel older or younger than your age? Elaborate. 

It depends....  After I have the grandkids, and they leave BELIEVE ME I feel MY AGE!!!  I enjoy having them but SHEW!! with it being only me, I am tired (a good tired).  Now, I know why you should have kids when you are young.

When I am out with my friends, I feel young.  Maybe it is because we just sit around and talk and enjoy one another's company.  

2. What's one thing you should toss right now, but just can't? 

Clothes that I think I can fit in (hum) again!!  

3. Have you visited many of the 63 National Parks in the US of A? You'll fia list here. Do you have a favorite? What National Park that you haven't seen do you most want to see? 

I have visited the Hawaii Volcanoes, Haleakala, Great Smokey Mountains, and Shenandoah I would love to travel to California and see the National Parks there especially the Redwood.

4. How often do you get take out? What's your favorite? 

I very seldom order take out.  When I do, it is usually Mexican or our famous Dip Dogs! Dip dogs are like corn a corn dog, but completely different batter, and I usually get extra mustard (which is a special sauce).

5. Do you have many (or any) subscriptions? Not necessarily magazines, but thinking more along the lines of boxes or products that companies offer, and you can sign up to receive on a regular basis. Could be weekly, monthly, quarterly, even daily. Tell us about them. 

I don't have any subscriptions.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I need to brag on the Children's Library Program in my town.  This year's theme was Adventures Begins at Your Library.  Today was the last program (next week the kids shop (money provided by library) for vegetables).  This year has been one of the best programs,  from looking through telescopes, going on a nature hike, to gardening and trying new foods.

On another note, it is HOT!!! and we DESPERATELY NEED RAIN!!

Have a great rest of the week and Enjoy Life!!!


  1. I generally feel younger than my age but when the call came out for VBS volunteers, I felt much, much older. I knew I couldn't run around after little ones, or kneel, or crawl, or bend for any length of time. My goodness, I am falling apart! I had to opt for donating supplies and snacks instead.

  2. Yikes, yep, it's hot here, too. I'm right there with you on your answers! Yes, I feel it when the grands leave to go home. That library program does sound fun! Stay as cool as you can!

  3. I love library programs. My girls did the reading program every summer!

  4. I used to love the summer reading programs with my girls when they were growing up. They were so well done and the library is a good place to be on a hot summer day. I understand the kid-tired : )


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