Friday, April 12, 2024

A- Z Challenge...letter K



Everybody can appreciate acts of kindness.  Being kind to others puts a smile on my face.  The feel-good emotion from being kind is like a ‘warm glow’.  

Why does seeing others being kind bring a smile to my face?

  1.  It is contagious.  Have you been through a drive thru and someone pays for your meal?  You, then in turn, pay for the person’s meal behind you. It is contagious. Being kind does make someone smile.

  2. Doing a kind act to make someone who is sad feel better makes me smile.  I see this a lot in the hallways at my school.  A student is sad and another student will say a kind thing and the sad student (I can tell by his/her face expression) is relieved.  This makes me smile.  

  3. Seeing someone put another person’s grocery cart away.

  4. Watching a younger boy help his grandmother in the car.

  5. At school, if another student has his/her hands full, a student will offer to help.

I am sure I miss seeing everyday acts of kindness.  Kindness comes from kindhearted people. These kind hearted people make me smile.

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