Sunday, March 19, 2023

Playing Catch-Up Round One...


I have been enjoying these past couple of weeks.  And I need to tell ya'll about it.

It all began in December (ahem).  The grandsons get so many gifts at Christmas (that is the truth, right?). I didn't want my gifts to be in a yard sale or thrown away, so I told daughter that we would go to Disneyworld and since daughter's birthday is the day after Christmas that would be her Christmas gift, also.  Her hub would also be free and that was his Christmas gift.  All thought it was a great idea!!  I told daughter to start planning the trip...we could fly, choose a place to stay, choose what parks to attend, etc. and that was my treat.  There was ONE catch... we had to go before the second week of March.  My Standard of Learning Tests begin this week, and I want to be able to review and prepare my students for this important testing. (Not to mention, that is all we do, and I still can't understand how a test measures one's true ability...think of all that maybe going on in a student's life the day of the test!!). This was the difficult task getting all our schedules to work.  Son-in-law is a CPA for a company, and he was going through some important meetings...leaving at 6am and not returning home till after 9pm on most nights.  Daughter commenced to work on a schedule!!  After that she started the search for resorts,parks to attend for a 5 year old and two twins who were fastly approaching three.  Daughter called on a Sunday evening and the trip was planned for the following Thursday-Wednesday.  WHOA!!! Initially, I thought there is no way I can get ready in 5 days!!  I would have lesson plans to make out for the substitute (that is...if one was available), house to get in order (when living by yourself you have to plan for these things), someone to check my  mailbox, etc.  My brain was in overdrive.  BUT, I decided go with it!!  I could get this done. THEN, daughter informed me, she and her husband were DRIVING!!  They didn't want to fly with the boys because it was too much of a hassle with car seats, etc.  I knew their van wasn't big to carry three adults, three young boys, and all of our luggage. So where did that leave me???  I was still flying!!  I was very apprehensive about them driving, but they wouldn't change their minds.  Amazingly, the trip worked out.  I flew and the resort had a shuttle to take me from the airport to the resort!!!  The resort was French Quarters and I highly recommend it!!  Our rooms were next to each other and a few nights I had overnight guests, which made the trip more enjoyable.

Daughter had planned on attending EPCOT, Magic Kingdom, Disney Springs, Seaworld, Animal Kingdom, and a Monster Truck Show!  Dinner was planned at different places where many characters joined us.  The boys were ecstatic!!  Just seeing their eyes glisten with joy made my heart smile.  As I usual do, I forgot to take many pictures.  BUT, I assure each one of you all, I have the pictures embedded in my head. 

We returned home a 'little' ( I was more than a little) tired but full of happiness. 

There will never be a day that goes by in which I will NEVER forget the joy in my grandsons' eyes.

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