Sunday, March 19, 2023

Playing Catch-up...Round Two


I just returned from a glorious Women's Retreat in Tennessee.

Last year, I was invited to attend this retreat.  I had no idea what to expect, but enjoyed myself tremendously.  When time came for women to register, I didn't have to be asked, I was going.

First of all, the beauty of the mountains is breathtaking.  The retreat lasted from Friday morning till Sunday morning.  It is a time of worshipping God with women from all over.  There were women from Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, Illinois, and Missouri. Not only are we from different places, but also from different denominations BUT united in ONE. This place, Eagle Rock, does not have very good internet service (luck of the draw if your cell phone worked), there was one house phone in case of emergency and no television on the premise. No talk of politics, worldly events, Covid, were welcome!

There were 43 women in attendance. Each woman was asked to bring a $10.00 gift and a snack (which was distributed between Friday/Saturday nights). This was a time to just be still and worship God. There were different speakers during the weekend. Many songs were sung. Many tears were shed (at least on my part).  Different classes one could attend...painting, singing, worshipping with flags, hiking, classes on anxiety, grief, addiction, nutrition. There was something for all. But if there wasn't anything that interested you, then you were invited to just sit and relax with God. 

The food that was prepared for us was divine.  From breakfast to dinner, my plate was cleaned.  The best scrumptious food!!  I still can't tell why (because I was so full) but since our worship sessions lasted into the evenings,  I had room to munch on a few (a lot) of tasty snacks.  You know, the healthy ones like, brownies, cookies, homemade pies, chips (of any kind) peanuts, popcorn, and the list could go on and on and on. 

I enjoyed all the women speakers and the singing, but my favorite part was the bonfire.  Each woman wrote down their stronghold they needed to get rid of.  I had more than one stronghold!!  We took our stronghold we had written down and threw it in the bonfire. ( I made sure my burned!  I didn't want mine to  drift in the wind and someone find it! :)  

A majestic weekend for sure. I disappeared into a quiet weekend.  No loud noise of the world was invited.  The world snatches all quietness and peace from us.  

Singing, celebrating, giggling, and remembering the memories, I will cherish in my heart forever!

We all roared with laughter with women 'stuff', discovered new friendship, promised to keep in touch with one another. AND I found out, life does go on without cell phones and television!

It is okay to rest awhile.

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  1. It sounds perfectly wonderful! I'm so glad you had time to rest and be refreshed.


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