Monday, October 4, 2021

A recap of the Apple Festival


Hello All,

I have been pretty busy the past couple of weeks, no complaining on my part!  I like staying busy.

A couple of weeks ago, my community celebrated the Apple Festival.  This years theme was 'Flavors of Fall.' You could not have asked for better weather!!  Usually the weather is swelting hot (90s) or rainy and cool. BUT not this year, PERFECT 70s.  Even though the mornings of Friday and Saturday were a little chilly (40s), it warmed up nicely by 10:00!

Thursday, I registered the exhibits.  There were quite a few considering last year it was cancelled because of you know what. I was still registering exhibits at 7:30 that evening along with many other volunteers.

Many canned items.  There was even quail canned eggs.  I had to ask what those were...never heard nor have ever seen them.

Beautiful quilts

I can tell the students had read Johnny Appleseed!
And many crafts!  Students are so talented, if we just give them a chance!

I had the visitors on Friday evening.

We had to play with cars, trucks, and other things.  Blake, who is 3 (almost 4), loves playing with trucks and cars.  The twins, being only 18 months, well, nothing keeps their attention very long!  But that is okay with me.

Saturday morning was the parade.  Many floats and bands!  

The new owners of the pharmacy entered a float.  

In loving memory of my daughter and husband.  Tears streamed down my face.  Happy and sad tears can come at the same time.

All was ready to come back to my house and play in the yard.

And that is exactly what we did the rest of the afternoon!! Such great memories of this Festival.

Until next time...Enjoy Life!

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