Wednesday, September 22, 2021

'Fallin' into the Hodgepodge

1. It's fall y'all! Officially that is and in the northern hemisphere only, so if you're visiting from down under happy spring! Does it feel like fall where you live? Does it look like fall aka are the leaves beginning to Orange change? What is your favorite fall color? Scent? Flavor? 

It hasn't felt like fall with temps in the high 80s BUT a change is supposed to be coming this weekend with much cooler weather and rain moving in. The leaves have not started changing.  Orange and gold tones are my favorite color.  My favorite fall scent would be a bonfire, and favorite flavor would be apple cinnamon.

2. What's something you're not? 

I am not technology enhanced person.  Quick as I learn a part of technology and become confident BAM it is changed.  I find the older I get, I just like sticking to my ole ways of doing things and the gadgets they have on new vehicles now a days...that is a different story!

3. Share a favorite quote related to fall and tell us why it's a favorite. 

"I loved Autumn, the one season of the year that God seemed to have put there just for the beauty of it." Lee Maynard

Fall is beautiful time of the year with all the trees changing colors. And we just need to enjoy the beauty and embrace it because we know what follows fall.

4. Besides Thanksgiving, what's your favorite fall meal? 

Homemade soups and chili

5. Share a favorite photo you took last fall? 

The boys were growing.  

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

It has been a busy week so far and it is only Wednesday.  Looking forward to the Apple Festival and the cooler temps this weekend.


  1. I've always wanted to go to an apple festival! I hope you will blog about it and share lots of photos.

  2. I almost said a bonfire, which I love until it's time to crawl into bed and I smell like smoke and then feel I have to wash my hair or I won't be able to sleep. Enjoy the apple festival! Sounds like fun!

  3. Have fun at the apple Festival. Our local Applefest is this weekend too!

  4. We got those cooler temps today - finally. 66 this morning and I couldn't be happier. But talk to me in January when I am tired of being cold.

  5. That's a lovely quote. I love the photo you shared. Adorable!!

  6. I love that quote. I love a bonfire too!


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