Friday, July 20, 2018

Frequent Flyer Miles....

Happy Friday!!

Since I have retired from teaching and no longer have been subbing since March, I usually don't pay attention to the days of the week.  Many times I ask daughters or hub what day of the week it is or mainly I just check my calendar.

I wish I could cash in on frequent flyer miles....while traveling by car.  Monday, July 9th hub had an appointment at Duke in Durham, North Carolina (which is 4 hrs one way) for scans.  The scans were discouraging for the chemo he was taking was not doing its job.  It was a long drive home... Duke called Wednesday and scheduled an appointment on Friday for radiology at 9am.  Hub doesn't like to spend the night....YEP! left early Friday morning. After meeting with radiologist, Dr. Martin a Y 90 procedure was planned.   The Y90 procedure is a two phase is like having a heart catherization, but instead of looking at the heart, one looks at the liver...same process. The drive back home was not as long as Monday's drive.

Saturday, we left earlier heading back to Raleigh North Carolina for a Trade Show with our drug company for pharmacy. Daughter and I did tell hub we had already booked a room! ha...he had to stay the night. I am not a pharmacist, but I did enjoy the trade show...even though I did not win the ten thousand dollars.  The winner was given a 10,000 credit to his/her account.  In order to win, your monopoly board had to be completed by attending seminars and speaking to many, many vendors.
 Me with the money.
 Hub with the money.
 Daughter with the money.
Daughter and I in jail.

It was an enjoyable trip!  One trip we needed because Cancer has stolen our joy in so many ways.  It felt good not thinking about Cancer for a few hours.

Monday, Duke called and Charlie was scheduled for the Phase I of the Y90 on Wednesday.  I talked him into spending the night. The Y90 is like a heart catherization so the Phase I which last 4 to 6 hrs. is mapping his liver for the high dose of radiation and making sure the radiation does not go to other parts of his organs.  Everything went according to plan on Wednesday.....I was a nervous wreck, but glad to hear this good news.  We headed home after the procedure which was around 7:30 that evening.  Hub rested in the second row of the van... Like the doctor said Wednesday, hub was having a better time than me!!

Yesterday, Duke called and Phase 2 of the procedure is scheduled for this Tuesday at 1:00.  I don't know all the precautions this will entail.  I do know he can be in the same room with our grandson, BUT cannot hold him and he and I can't sleep together.  I told the doctor, heck we don't sleep together now...hub sleeps in the recliner and I on the sofa...I am afraid I won't hear him if he needs me.  The only time I have slept in a bed has been when we have spent the night at the hotel.  I just pray this goes according to plan, hub doesn't have a lot of side effects (nauseous, fatigue, and flu like symptoms are a few), and this kills the cancer tumor in his liver that quadrupled since April.
little man and I pray daily for our 'Buddy.'

Having him around has sure been a blessing in many ways.

Since Monday, July 9th I have driver around 1700 miles!!  I wish there was frequent flyer miles for driving!

Have a Blessed Weekend.....Enjoy

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