Sunday, December 9, 2012

Weekend Rewind..

Weekend Rewind...

Friday evening went to watch #2daughter coach basketball.  As I sat in on the bleachers, I thought how I came to watch daughter coach and how sad for some girls whose parent(s) were not there.  I want to ask these parents-"What is more important than watching your daughter participant in a sport or anything?"  My heart goes out to these young girls.

After the game, we had a Christmas Party to attend.  Of course, we arrived late-daughter more important- but the hostess understood.   The food was great and what a blessing it is to have these people in our lives.

Saturday hub and I finished up some last minute Christmas shopping and birthday shopping.  Did I mention birthdays-#1 daughter's birthday is December 30 and #2 daughter's birthday is December 26th.  Shew!

Sunday I actually was able to listen to the sermon.  I am usually in Wee Worship (3 & 4 year old) and will begin teaching again in January-this is another story.  Anyway, the sermon was on Preparing for Christmas-which hit home with me.  I am one of these people who is always running around trying to make sure all is taken  care of and perfect.  My daughters say I am OCD in the organization department.  So I listened intently to the sermon and vowed to put into practice what I heard.  That evening I went to watch the k-8 Children's Christmas Program.  What a treat and delight.  Again, I was truly touched and began thinking (which is sometimes dangerous for me).  Wouldn't it be so much more fun if I would be child-like again. I am not talking about being immature but seeing Christmas through the eyes of a child.  Instead of grumbling as I pull out the decorations, get excited about Jesus's Birthday.  I overhead one little child say, "Look it is Baby Jesus!" as he was staring at the manger scene-such excitement in this child's voice and eyes. I felt very ashamed of myself.  I never felt this excited about putting out our manger scene.  This Christmas I am going to rediscover the child in me-get excited about celebrating Jesus's Birthday, turn the lights on, and see the world differently.

Have a great week and Enjoy Life!


  1. We have some band parents that I've never met. As involved as some of the parents are, it's crazy that some don't participate at all.

  2. Our heads are so noisy I think we have to conciously make the effort to be still this time of year. I do miss the days of little children in Christmas programs. Enjoy the holiday with your family. My sister's birthday is the day after Christmas. She doesn't let us get away with Santa paper : )


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