Thursday, December 20, 2012


Joyce really got me thinking about the world we live in.  There will always be people who are rude but I am not going to dwell on I absolutely loved her idea and decided to join.

The first act of kindness was contributing to the Salvation Army.  I snapped this picture as soon as grandson was placing money in the kettle.  Aww..through the eyes of a child-willingly and happily placing money in the kettle. How many of us say to ourselves-- Oh No, I hope the person ringing the bell doesn't speak to me.

We have a lady who is in charge of our backpack program.  The backpack program is for children who go hungry over the weekend.  This lady orders all the food and delivers the backpacks to three schools on Friday-right now over 100 backpacks are given to the schools.  A special candle was given to her. 

A candle was also given to a lady who teaches Wednesday night to the little ones.

This was given to the librarians in our community.
Our town librarians are often overlooked.  These ladies are special and have so much patience with the little ones as well as the parents. I just wanted to show a little appreciation to them.

This past week has been a hard one for teachers.  I shed many tears over the past weekend.  Arriving at school on Monday, I learned from another student about a student who wasn't eating lunch because of not having any money.  After going through some red tape, I learned this was true.  A state policeman had kinda heard me (yep, I do talk loud) .  Later that day, the state policeman returned to school with a check covering the entire year for this student and his brother to have lunch.  The young student cried and so did I.  That evening at dinner, I was telling this story to my family (names not told of course) and both daughters said mom please let me know of anymore students and we will help out with that student's lunch.  Tears flowed again.  There are times when I say I am hungry, but I never know what hunger really is.  Every night I thank the Heavenly Father for allowing me to work and provide for family needs.

People seem to be in a hurry now a days.  We are constantly talking on our phones-in lines at the store and how many vehicles do we pass or vice versa that someone is not on the phone?  What has happened to society?  Speaking of driving, are we  in such a hurry we can't let another vehicle merge in?

Today, hub called to check on grandson-poor fellow has the flu.  Prayers appreciated.  Anyway, he asked for a sweet tea from McDonald's.  Hub and I ordered his sweet tea.  When we pulled up to pay, I asked how much was the person's order behind us ( hub gave me 'the look') and I graciously paid for both orders.  He said." you are being kind, aren't you?"  See I have already mentioned to hub that I was going out of my way to make myself more aware of others and to practice kindness-little does he know I have kinda made a resolution to continue this.

Kindness isn't about tangible items, of course this does help.  Kindness is doing 'little things' for others and not expecting or wanting anything in return.  A simple smile or Hello can make someones day.

To me and to sum it up__Kindness is doing what is right because it is the right thing to do.


  1. I think that all of us who did this have noticed that so much is the little things and not big. One small gesture can change someone's life.

  2. I'm really enjoying reading what others have done. There is need out there but sometimes we have to open our eyes to see it. I loved the lunch story! Merry Christmas!

  3. Beautiful post. I try hard to be kind. I have to admit I can't stand seeing people on the phone. We are killing ourselves over a phone call or text! Love your last line....Merry Christmas!


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