Sunday, December 2, 2012

Weekend Rewind

Weekend Rewind...

Went to watch #2 daughter coach her first basketball game Friday night.  Well, she is the assistant varsity coach for girls' basketball.  This game was also against her former school.  This summer she went down and volunteered her time and went to camp with her former school girls' basketball.  At the first of August, she received a call and was asked to be the assistant coach -with pay.  When she found out she didn't get into PT school, she told them she would take the job-this way she could earn some money for PT school in the future.  Friday night some ugly comments were said to her-not to mention the fans were calling her a traitor.  How rude adults are!  She is no traitor but is getting paid to do something she loves! It never senses to amaze me how people are.

Saturday was a beautiful, sunny day.  Hub and I took grandson to our town's Christmas Parade.  We strolled down and enjoyed the parade.

Sunday, I got in the Christmas spirit.  Even though the temps were once again in the high 60's, I put on some Christmas music and baked some cookies.

The rest of the family sat outside and enjoyed the bright sunshine!  They had trouble understanding how I could be in the Christmas spirit.  Of course, they had no trouble eating the cookies.

Have a great week.


  1. Adults wonder why kids are poor sports? I hope she enjoys coaching. Getting paid is nice too : ) Baking definitely helps with the Christmas spirit...I plan to do some this week.

  2. high 60s sounds heavenly...I have the A/c on right now and the outdoor temp reads 85!! Not Christmas at all. Those cookies...luscious. Watching her coach a team would be so fun!! And as for the Christmas Parade with a grandson...a perfect kinda world.


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