Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekend Rewind

Weekend Rewind....

We all journeyed out Friday to our little favorite spot to eat

.  #2 Daughter was able to join us.  She has been on rotations on the health wagon.  I was happy to see her, but not happy that she appeared to have an awful cold.  Of course the questions began---are you getting enough rest, eating right, washing your hands, etc.  replied "gosh, yes Mom." I know she will soon turn 25 but to me she is still my 'little girl.'  Bella's was very crowded and hubs kept circling the lot for a place to park-gosh, just park in the grass with the other vehicles. No sooner had I uttered these words -a car was leaving.  Hub quickly maneuvered the van and whew! Thank Goodness! but what?  how long before a table will be available? so time was spent waiting for a table.  This didn't bother me because it gave time for mother and daughter to catch up on what #2 daughter had been doing. Come to find out Emory &  Henry College Homecoming was this weekend.  Smiles, laughter, and lots of hugs as people were reminiscing about their college days this made me miss my college days and wishing for a college reunion.

I don't think I have ever seen the trees as beautiful as they are this year.  Absolute gorgeous in my neck of the woods.

 Even with the clouds, the view is breath taking.

#2 daughter and I had eye appointments very early Saturday.  Daughter's eyes had changed and needed a new prescription.  She loves her frames so she will only need to replace her lens.  Wow!  I had spend quite a bit by 10:00 a.m.  I called to tell hub and he thought we had been on a shopping spree.  We go yearly for check-ups because daughter and I are as blind as bats and our vision is really important to us.  Talk about inflation!!  We were so in shock that daughter and I just went home to vent and rave some more.

That evening, we all went to visit the happy newlyweds.  Charlie's cousin had gotten remarried a couple of weeks ago in Gatlinburg, and the couple was hosting their first party as husband and wife,  It was a nice, little get together.

We kept grandson that night.  The boy was wired!  Maybe it was because it was later than usual when I gave him his bath, but let me tell you he was bouncing off the walls.  At 11 that evening, he finally gave up and went to sleep and I did too!

Another gorgeous day on Sunday-no complaining here.  We took advantage of the weather and stayed outside most of the evening,

Both daughters wanted to go to Macados  for an early dinner.

On the way home, the little guy was worn out.

 We even carried him to the swing.

My thought...well this is what happens when you get in bed late and have to get up early, right girls?  I know they remembered those days
Another gorgeous weekend in Virginia.

Enjoy your week!

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  1. We'll be in JC the first weekend of Nov. for Sig Ep homecoming...I'm looking forward to it! Gorgeous blue skies in your weekend!


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