Monday, April 2, 2012

It is Mamow Time!

I have taught for 30 years and have never gotten a spring break.  The last spring break I remember was when I was in college....and I am trying to remember what I did then.
Anyways....I started planning last week what I wanted to do....take a trip to the beach, short trip to Pigeon Forge, or a short trip to go shopping.  After some thought=I chose to do NONE of these.  I told hub I just wanted to stay home! I know I would make myself tired going to the beach-one wants to do all you can at the beach-long days in the sun-late nights walking on the beach..not much sleep-and then when one gets home tons and tons of laundry before heading back to school. If I went to Pigeon Forge-I would want to do tons of shopping and other site attractions and not really much rest.  I chose to stay home and have some Mamow Time!!

When I get home from school, grandson is here and I am tired-long days now and I really don't feel like playing with him much--papers to grade, too much laundry and other activities. 

Saturday we went to the Easter Egg Hunt at the park...

Then grandson wanted to go down the slide.

My daughters had as much fun as he did.

Next it was McDonald's Happy Meal time-

Sunday was the children's program at church.  Each child had a saying using the Resurrection Eggs and then the children played the bells.

The children did a great job.
This morning we took his truck out for a little spin.

Next we headed to the library.

Tomorrow I plan on taking him to Chuck E Cheese..

Yep....this week I am going to enjoy me some Mamow Time!!!

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