Saturday, April 7, 2012

Ole Fashion Basket

Easter Baskets

My husband was married before I met him, and he had a son, Todd, Todd is now 35 years old and he has a son, Nate.  Todd and Nate's mom never married, and she remarried and gave up Nate two years ago to Todd.  Oh, she comes in and out of his life-but nothing permanent-- how a mother could do this is beyond me- I'll save this topic for another post.

Back to baskets......

I remember growing up- my Easter Basket-which probably looked something like this

Every year until this year, I fixed my daughters and their boyfriends an Easter Basket.  For some reason, they didn't want a basket this.  So I asked Nate who is 3, what kind of Easter Basket did he want and he replied "Spider Man." I thought he would have said a blue or yellow basket -not a spider man basket-which I didn't know even existed. 

But they do exist-and many others.

Browsing the store, I saw very few 'traditional' baskets.'  I saw ---Duck Baskets, Dog Baskets, Car Baskets, Football Baskets, Barbie Baskets, Sponge Bob Baskets, etc.  I felt sad---where was the traditional baskets--I missed them!! and these other basets were so small-too small to put candy and other goodies in them and gosh I was so glad I had kept my daughters baskets from a couple of years ago and,,,,I sure miss the traditional baskets. 

I enjoyed making my daughters Easter Baske -buying the different candy, stuff animals, and arranging it all to look nice.  Now-the baskets are too small for any of this stuff.
My daughters came home yesterday from college with Easter Baskets for Nate.

I sure miss the 'traditional baskets.'

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