Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Wednesday Hodgepodge


From this Side of the Pond

1. Did you set any goals for the new year this time last year? Did you meet them or miss the mark? Tell us more if you're comfortable sharing. 

Yes, I did and I was able to accomplish most of them.  I set a goal to put out a garden and get in touch more with mother nature and met this goal.  I loved working in the garden; a big stress reliever for me.  Another goal I set ,was to learn to really bite my tongue.  There were times when I messed up, but in the  full picture, I came a long way!!

2. What are three words that might describe the kind of person you were this past year or describe in some way how your life looked? 

My life looked: Fulfilling - I love spending time with grandsons and making precious memories,  Growth-I have learned this past year, I can experience joy and pain at the same time,  and Simple.

3. What's something new you ate, saw, heard, or experienced in 2022? What did you think? 

Something I experienced in 2022 and never want to experience it again is being in a tornado.  I was getting ready to return to school for an after school dance to celebrate the ending of the school year.  I was getting ready and my cousin (who also teaches at the school) called and told me a tornado was heading my way.  I quickly went and got my mother and we headed toward the basement.  I tried to call daughter, but no answer.  The wind was horrible and the sound of the wind was like a train upstairs. When it was over, which seemed like hours, but wasn't, I went upstairs and couldn't get my doors open.  It was awful!!  I finally was able  to talk to daughter and they had all went to the bathroom with pillows.  Never want to experience this again!

4.  Oxford Dictionary has announced it's word of the year for 2022, and it's this-goblin mode. Huh? Have you ever heard this phrase? Used this phrase? It's defined as "a type of behavior which is unapologetically self-indulgent, lazy, slovenly, or greedy, typically in a way that rejects social norms or expectations." 

This year they allowed the public to choose amongst three finalists. You can read more about that here

If you were in charge, what word would you declare word of the year for 2022? 

I have never heard this phrase.  But I can see how this phrase did apply to many things that happened in 2022. 

The first words that came to my mind for 2022 was Baby Steps

5. Any special plans for an end of year celebration in your house or town? The travel channel says the world's best New Year's Eve celebrations will happen in Copacabana Beach-Rio de Janerio, the Orlando theme parks in Florida,  London, Sydney, New York's Time Square, Edinburgh Scotland, and Paris. If you could attend any one of these which would you choose? Tell us why? 

I am going out of town for New Year's Eve.                                                                                                                                                I would love to go to London for New Year's Eve. Hearing the chimes of Big Ben and seeing the fireworks welcoming in the new year would be marvelous!

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

So glad the temps are getting above freezing!  Shew having temps of 0 or 1 degrees and wind chill factors as low as -20 is not for me.  

Happy New Year to all!!


  1. That must have been terrifying being in a tornado. So glad you came out safe. I like the goals you made and how you progressed with them. I need to work a little harder on the tongue things. I too think I'm better, but not quite where I want to be with that one. Have a great day.

  2. I've never been in a tornado but have experienced a couple of hurricanes that were not fun. So glad you and your family stayed safe throughout. Happy new year and enjoy your travels!

  3. I really liked your answer to #2 and as for #3 am so grateful you and your family were safe. How horrifying that must have been. I have ridden out several hurricanes in South Louisiana, but we have days of warnings and time to prepare unlike a tornado. Happy New Year to you.


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