Wednesday, December 29, 2021

My last blog for 2021...A new word for 2022


With being back in school, going to basketball games, and spending time with grandsons I haven't had much time to blog EXCEPT for the Wednesday Hodgepodge, thank you Joyce Daley for bringing this back.  

As the year is coming to a close, I began thinking about my WORD for 2022. I use to set resolutions but always ended up breaking them within a week.  This breaking of resolutions caused me to change my thinking and begin to think of a WORD for a year. A word to help me focus on the positive and guide me through decisions I might need to make. A word that was a gentle reminder for me to stay the course.  I even told my close friends my WORD and they often would remind me when I began to vent and rage about a situation.

Last year before choosing my word, I reflected on the past year.  I chose the word, RELEASE for my word of the year.  I wanted to release disappointment, anger, bitterness, control, and drama.  We all experience these in our life.  I was wasting my time on dwelling on disappointments (especially in people); I needed to let go of the disappointment and celebrate life.  Anger/bitterness was draining my energy.  I was reliving my past and being so angry/bitter. Because I was reliving my past, I wasn't enjoying the present. We all love some type of shows are full of drama.  But I needed to block out all the drama and begin living right now.  I wanted people to change and I had to learn no matter how hard I tried, some people will never change.  Many situations are beyond my control and I had to accept that.  ONLY Prayer can change people/circumstances.

Like I mentioned earlier, I told my friends my word that I had chosen.  Many times I would call my friends and they would help me through a circumstance....I would pray over a picture, cry, yell, and cry some more.  BUT my world Release always came to my mind.  Without question, I have learned to release.  When something happens (it always will) I just say Release and my feelings disappear.  Letting some things roll off your back is healthy for you.

With all this being said, My WORD for 2022 is EMBRACE.

I want to embrace others to be successful, embrace differences, embrace something new, embrace new learning, ...and whatever else I can think of.  I have made 62 trips around the sun.  Some years have been heartbreaking, but the majority of my years have been happy.  I want to embrace what time I have left.


So until next time...Keep on Keepin On and Enjoy Life (which is my blog title!)

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  1. Wow! embrace is such a powerful word...perfect for reflection for 2022. I never have done this but I think now I need come up with a word myself. Thanks for the inspiration! Happy New Year!


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