Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Wednesday Hodgepodge

Happy St Patrick's Day

May the luck of the Irish be with us all.

 1. This week's Hodgepodge lands on St. Patrick's Day. Will you wear green? Eat corned beef and cabbage? Drink green beer? Have you ever been to Ireland? Is it on your travel 'bucket list'? 

Probably will put some shade of green on today.  I think I will have me some corned beef and cabbage this evening.
Green beer...that is a 'No', I have school tomorrow and don't know if I can stop with just one.
I have never been to Ireland...yes, would love to go but not currently on my bucket list.

2. Something you think is 'worth its weight in gold'? 

I can't think of a about a someone?  My aunt is definitely worth gold to me.  She is only one year older than me, but with all I have been through she is the ONLY one I can count on....just to hear me rant, cry, or whatever.   

3. Something that makes you 'green around the gills'? 

When someone lies, but I know the truth.  This just makes me so sick to my stomach I could vomit!!

4. What puts a 'spring in your step' these days? 

The sunshine!!

5. Write a limerick using one of the following as your theme....March, St. Patrick's Day, Covid, 2020 and/or 2021, the color green, or life lately. Yes, you can do it. 


There once was travel everyday

No one thought twice of traveling

Suddenly it stopped 

Now I'm stuck  at home

Praying it will just go away soon!

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Hitting 70s today!!  Yay!!  and very little chance of rain. 

Starting a new Bible Study tonight for Women only.  Should be interesting and looking forward to it.  The title of the study...Knowing Him. 

Have a great rest of the week and Enjoy Life!


  1. #2 can definitely apply to someone, not just something. Glad your aunt has been such great support for you.

  2. sunshine can put a spring in my step, too!

  3. It's still winter around here, I am jealous of your good weather

  4. Hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy that sunshine and hope you like the Bible study too.

  5. My bible study meets on Wednesday mornings and we've been doing Better by Jen Wilkin, a study on Hebrews. So so good!! Hope you enjoy yours too. I appreciate the support of women in bible study together.

  6. I am still hoping I can get in to a women's Bible study (moving to a new place makes it a bit harder, to say nothing of covid).
    Yes for sunshine!


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