Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Wednesday Hodgepodge


Falling into the Hodgepodge.  Thanks Joyce!

1. It's fall y'all. What's something you love about this season and also something you don't? 
I live in the mountains of Southwest Virginia and staring at the beauty of the trees as their leaves change colors to bright red, orange, and yellow is magical AND it is pretty awesome they do this every year.
Fall brings  allergies as things begin to die, raking leaves I dislike and colds seem to appear as the temps vary.  Fall tells me what is coming next...WINTER ugh!

2. When you think of the colors of fall, which one is your favorite? Is there somewhere you could easily day trip to see the leaves in all their glory? Will you? 
Favorite color would have to be the oranges.  There are plenty of back roads I could travel to see the beauty of fall, but I don't like to travel by myself.
So, I will just look out my kitchen window!

3. What's one thing you've let 'fall' by the wayside during this season of staying home and staying away? 
The only thing that comes to my mind is I wanted to finish some painting but just didn't get around to it.

4. If you're wearing a sweater is it most likely a cardigan, crew neck, v-neck, or zip up hoodie?
                                                                     NOT ME! ha!
Cardigan because if I get too hot (which I do now with still hot flashes), I can take it off and if I get too chilly, can easily slip it on.

5. What's your secret to dealing with change? 
Be flexible and go with the flow (my mantra lately) and TRY to be positive.  Change can be good or bad depending on your perspective but try to keep positive. 
Speaking of change, last Monday (September 14) our School Board met and voted to return to a hybrid schedule beginning October 1st. We have been virtual since the beginning of school, August 20th. Teachers began preparing for this hybrid schedule and kept trudging along.  Then this past Monday, September 21st another meeting was held and the School Board voted to stay virtual till October 26th. A roller coaster for sure!
Life is changing and we don't have to brace it all the time, but it will be okay.

6.  Insert your own random thought here.
A couple of weekends ago, we had a crab boil just close family. The weather was so nice.

The following Sunday, my cousin was baptized.

I received this special note in my teacher mailbox at school with my favorite candy.

Have a great rest of the week.  Keep on keepin on and Enjoy Life!


  1. I love being at Baptisms. So special. That crab boil looks delicious. Glad you could enjoy it. Happy Fall to you!

  2. We have crawfish boils down here in Louisiana, and I'm wondering if getting the meat from the crab legs compares to our little mudbugs. I suppose it is all an art and cultural thing. I haven't seen an outdoor/river baptism since my dad did them back in the late 40's. What a blessing that sweet note must have been.

  3. We have either shrimp boils or crawfish boils here in Alabama! I personally don't like crawfish but LOVE shrimp!! The lobster boil looks yummy!

  4. Yes, the teachers all over are having to be very flexible. It is hard for the students, but I think it is harder for the teachers because they have to manage everything in a constantly changing environment.
    How sweet (pun intended) to get that note and candy!
    Hurray on your cousin's baptism!

  5. I forgot about my fall allergies. They're definitely kicking in now. I love a crab feast. We're in the land of the low country boil which I also love. Have a nice weekend!


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