Monday, July 6, 2020

It was my Birthday...

It's Monday Ya'll
Friday was my birthday. Almost a firecracker!!!

  It was a little scary kinda day.  A protest was planned about 15 minutes from me.  While I was sitting on my porch in the early morning, (I just love sitting outside in the early morning taking in all of God's beauty) my thoughts turned to the happenings in the world.  So much evil is taking place. I prayed to God to keep my little community safe and the little town that was going to be experiencing the protesting.  Thankfully, the protesting was kept under control.  So thankful!!

The birthday celebration began....

The chef of the feast...
We had a crabs, shrimp, potatoes, and corn.  Delicious.

I had a surprise....

First time visitors!!!
I was able to hold the twins for the FIRST Time!!  Since this virus I have not been around the twins (Aidan and Liam) or Blake. Hard on the Mamaw for sure!

A fun evening.
I have to admit, I did get teary eyed...missing my other daughter and wishing she was here with us.  I know her husband felt the same.
Sometimes, the tears just come and take over.  So, I had to step inside for a few minutes.  When asked how I'm doing, I say good.  But truthfully, healing from my daughter's death will take me a lifetime.  I have realized that on some days I can be happy but sad at the same time.

The whole crew!

That evening, the moon was spectacular!
As it was coming up, an orange glow surrounded it.  God's beauty.
I reflected on the evening's celebration and silently thanked God for the perfect birthday. The end to a perfect evening. 

So until next time...
Keep on Keepin On and Enjoy Life!

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  1. It will totally take a lifetime of healing. If healing is even a thing. It's just coming to terms more than anything.
    Happy Birthday to you!


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