Sunday, June 3, 2018

Grandsons and 5K

Just a few things that have been going on.

I was able to go and eat lunch with grandson, Nate a few weeks ago before school ended for the summer.  He was so happy to see me...but not as happy as I was to see him.  Love him so much!

I sure miss this fella of mine....hoping and praying that things will change and we can be a part of his life again.

Hub and I were able to go and watch him play against my cousin's baseball team...because cousin was playing and a quick pic was snapped....

I am still keeping my little man...Gosh it seems he changes every day.  I thought I was a good mother, but I didn't notice all these changes in my girls that I see in him daily. 
He is loving more and more his dog.  This is just one of his dogs, Champ...
I think he is going to be well protected!

He loves the water!!

He is beginning to have a favorite toy.
That hair!!  Ya'll it won't lay down...

Hub enjoys spending time with him.  This is my favorite picture of Blake and hub.
I would love to know what he was thinking of hub.  

Speaking of hub, he will begin his next round of chemo June 11th that is if blood work is okay on June 8th...fingers crossed and praying.  If things go according to plan, his next scan is scheduled for July 9th...many prayers that this chemo is destroying his cancerous tumors.

I have been trying, key word trying to get hub to eat healthier.  So many green vegetables, salads, and tuna consists mainly of his diet....MINE TOO!!  But the other day, he splurged on his favorite...
Key Lime ice scoop instead of that is a start.

Last night, he wanted to run/walk in the 5K for St. Jude's.  I was a little leery. Hub has not ever done a we drove the course first.  We haven't been able to do much walking because of this rain we have been having everyday!!  He was so pumped...I agreed to the 5K.  I told him I would walk with him but he insisted I go on (I am a fast walker) and he was going to take his time.  He promised if he got tired, he would stop at one of the stations to rest. The rest began at 8:30pm.  
Thankful for our glow in the dark shirts.

I saw hub as I was headed for the second turn...again so thankful.

When I finished, I called hub to see where he was.  I told him I was coming back to finish the 5K with him.  He begged me not to....said he wanted to do this on his own...Well, I didn't listen, because I knew he was I met him and finished the race again with him.

We waited around for the winners to be announced and the giving away of door prizes.  I won a $25 gift card...Yay!
I also came in first in my age group....
Hub came in first too!! (sh...ya'll he was the only one in his age group)  Even though it took him over an hour, I am so proud of this man!!  He is a fighter....I know the course was tough with many hills to climb, but he never quit!!

Hub was thrilled.  My heart smiled knowing hub was happy and felt well enough to do this.

Have a great week....and Enjoy Life!

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