Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Welcome Summer

1. It's officially summer (in the northern hemisphere anyway). Which summer month is best and why?
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July-it's my birthday month!!  (LOL)

2. Can you swim? How did you learn? June 27th is National Sunglasses Day. How many pair do you own?

No-I can't swim....well I use to swim but had a scary accident in the water.  I am now terrified of the water.  I learned to swim growing up.  People tell me I should get over my fear but I still have the scary accident image in my mind every time I go near the water.
I own three pairs of sunglasses.

3. What characteristic do you judge most harshly in yourself? How about in others?

I try to keep things I can't control in control. In other words, I try to control what I can't.
I am bad when judging others, especially their morals.  I definitely have a hard time accepting some people's morals.  Hub and I have long night discussions on our front porch about this nightly.

4. Robert Frost wrote the now well known poem entitled The Road Not Taken. What's a road (literal or figurative) you've always wanted to travel, and where do you hope it takes you?

I want to travel, but hub doesn't.  A road I must travel by myself and have the courage to do so.  

5. Popsicles-yay or nay? If you answered yay, what's your favorite flavor? 

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Oh yes-no particular favorite flavor.

6. Brexit-on a scale of 1-10 how knowledgeable are you on what's involved here? (1=very knowledgeable and 10=what's Brexit) Is this news you'll follow or is it something you think won't impact your life in any way shape or form?
I have kept up with it some.  I have no idea if it will impact my life.

7. Share a favorite song on your summer play list.

Any type of Beach music...

8. Insert your own random thought here.

After a full week of Vacation Bible School, I feel lonely.  What a great week we had.


  1. Birthday months are always fun! So glad to hear that VBS was a success.

  2. I love beach music too! I loved VBS when I was a child.

  3. Ahh, beach music. We get a lot more of it here in SC than we did in NJ : ) Happy 4th!


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