Monday, June 27, 2016

Good morning!

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Last week was full of a fun-filled week of Vacation Bible School.  The theme was Ocean Commotion-and sometimes it felt like a commotion!  There were over 200 kids and 100 adults each night.  I was with the 2nd and 3rd graders and averaged 37 kids each night!  What a blessing to see children worshiping God!

 Measuring a cubic inch--learning about the Ark.
 Love this little man with all my heart.
 Grandson and his friend-posing.  The headbands wore sold to help a 3rd grader who attends our church-fighting cancer.
 Hub and grandson.

 There has to be a funny picture at the end.
Grandsons posing.

Sunday after church, Hub and I drove to Boone, North Carolina. Just a beautiful, warm Sunday.  We walked the streets of this college town and did some shopping.  We saw this cute little pizza and brewery, Lost Province,  and decided to go in and grab a bite before heading home.
This was shrimp pizza.  Never had this before and I must say was different but good.
Not much a fan of brewery beer, but this was better than I thought it would be.
Hub loves his Tilley hat.
I am just happy to relax!
A much needed relaxing Sunday!

Wishing all a Blessed Week.   A little video of grandson at Bible School.Enjoy!

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